What ever you're doing, stop it!

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What ever you're doing, stop it! Empty What ever you're doing, stop it!

Post by frannythepugh on Tue Oct 21, 2008 11:15 am


I have chosen the above swimming pool sign to cover the multitude of signs that we see around us with this design format, as it is the one that stands out most from my childhood, although it doesn't include the no heavy petting which we always found highly amusing Surprised

It seems that we are continually bombarded with signs that tell us we're not allowed to... No cameras, no mobiles, no smoking, no drinking, no parking, no walking here, no running there, shall I go on? Is this iconic of a nanny state where we need to be told what is and isn't correct behaviour? Perhaps some of us do?

What if you had the chance to place random no (whatever) signs around Bournemouth, like no umberellas, no shoes or no trousers. I wonder how people would respond, anyone up for trying it out? Right, that was a joke, if anyone does it and gets arrested, it was nothing to do with me... Laughing

One thing we all know for sure is, if it's in the red circle, stop doing it!


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What ever you're doing, stop it! Empty Re: What ever you're doing, stop it!

Post by mrmr on Sun Oct 26, 2008 8:55 pm

I remember a swimming pool with 10 or more signs like that. People just aren't trusted anymore. This nanny state behaviour has a negative effect as people don't learn to be responsible. That's what those signs mean to me.


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