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Post by observedgrief on Mon Oct 13, 2008 2:26 am

Marc Quinn/Cold Lazarus MQ-SELFMarc Quinn/Cold Lazarus Lazaros

These two images are; Marc Quinn's "Self'"; a sculpture of the artists head, made from over eight pints of his frozen blood and kept preserved in a clear boxed refrigeration unit; a startling work of art that appeared at the very cusp of the Britart movement in the early nineties; in tandem with the design of Albert Finney's cryogenically frozen head in Dennis Potter's final work for television Cold Lazarus in 1996; which I believe is certainly inspired visually by the formers work - will remain as icons for me not only for their sheer artistic brilliance, grotesque beauty and the connotations of mortality, eternity and (most obviously) the self, but also due to the fact that both works had the same philistine-led, tabloid tacky critical reception; the former being accused that 'anyone can make this sort of thing and it is meaningless and sells for lots of money, undeservedly so' and the latter that 'a terminally-ill elitist pre-eminent television playwright's final work is cheap, badly written and that his liquid morphine has got to him'. Although they remain, for me, as testaments to art that is not diminished by the bullying vitriol of uninspired, unintelligent tabloid journalism.


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