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Post by erosennin on Wed Oct 08, 2008 10:53 am

To me, this is symbolic of the American Empire, run almost exclusively to collect lots and lots of these green pieces of paper.

One Dollar Bill One%20dollar%20bill

An everyday object that an American might carry around all their life without ever really looking at it, but there is actually a lot going on here sybolically. There's the eagle, with its head pointed towards the olive branch of peace rather than the arrows of war, the stars in the shape of a Star of David above its head, and of course the pyramid opposite. What's up with the floating capstone and the eye in the middle? Why is there a tiny owl hidden on the front of the bill (unseen here)? Much of the symbolism at play is largely not Judeo-Christian, it is pagan, ancient, esoteric. What "God" then is it that "we" are trusting?

Perhaps if we knew where and how to look for meaning on the one dollar bill, the true values America was founded on would be revealed. What values are they protecting when they attack a country massively weaker than itself and call it "self-defense"? What values let them overthrow elected leaders for "democracy"? And what values are at play when they strip away civil liberties and call it "freedom"? Could it possibly have something to do with the almighty dollar? Or some of the symbols it displays?

Of course right now (8th October 2008) the one dollar bill also reminds me of the global banking crisis we are experiencing which may or may not lead to a "great" depression, and possibly the end of the dollar (and the American Empire) as we know it.


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