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Post by nuria_b on Tue Oct 07, 2008 3:34 pm

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It seems slightly patronizing that the design is brutally child-like in its attempt to reach the younger generation. It serves to alienate the older generation and hasn't seemed to succeed in bonding with the audience that it wanted to.

In terms of mise-en-scene, the logo as a whole is confusing and does not evoke a 'traditional' Britain. The staggered shapes, uneven and ill-fitting design just doesn't feel as if it is doing its job properly. Whilst looking at it further, only now did we realize that the shapes actually produce the number 2012. Colours, shaping and design management should be promoting the Britain that the entire world identifies with. If our own country cannot relate to this, how can it appeal to the rest of the world?

How could it have cost £400,000 to make something that a 4 year old could do in art class?

On a positive note, it's nice that it is a break from tradition and at least it's memorable, even for the wrong reasons.


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