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Post by Pumpkincow on Mon Oct 06, 2008 9:40 pm

Facebook symbol Facebook-logo

The Facebook logo.

Signifying the enormous growth in the concept of ownership - even to the extent that you can be considered to own your friends.
i.e. "I have 70 friends on facebook"


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Facebook symbol Empty Re: Facebook symbol

Post by erosennin on Tue Oct 07, 2008 3:35 pm

We feel that the image is bland and surprisingly boring for something so popular but this may potentially represent the concept of facebook, being a blank canvas to which the users supply the detail. The colour scheme is blue and white, both casual laid back colours and very informal fitting to a mostly teenage audience. This colour scheme could be interpreted as symbolic for sky, representing a lack of limits for social networking... the sky is the limit! Interestingly, the same colour pattern is used for the main logo of myspace, perhaps showing a similar system of ideals from the creators, or maybe it's just purely coincidental...

It's all written in lower case which is generally accepted as informal and casual which keeps up the theme of targeting the young and in today's society lack of grammar is becoming a norm.

It's a basic, simple logo: short, catchy and memorable. This makes it easy for mass production, important due to its wide use when shown as a symbol of facebook sponsership of social events.

The name for this universally known site is also quite as interesting as the site is not actually a book but a website. We feel that perhaps the reason for such a perculiar name is because it represents the purpose of the site, which is to look and read about other people's lives-hence the name 'facebook.' We also noticed that it has quite a poetic ring to it.


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