'The Burning' - Raft Scene

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'The Burning' - Raft Scene Empty 'The Burning' - Raft Scene

Post by otherfilmfan on Wed Oct 01, 2008 6:47 pm

My Iconic image is lots of images joined together into a short scene from the 1981 slasher film 'The Burning'. This scene is important to me for several reasons; (1) back in the day it really, really creaped me out - it was the 80's! (2) it was one of the first films I saw on video - which allowed for the first time domestic on demand film viewing (3) it got me interested in horror in general, slashers in particular, and prosthetic special effects (3) it got me all hot under the collar about film censorship - especially as this particular scene then heavily cut for several years as a result of the Video Recordings Act (1984) and (4) ultimately it's the film that got interested in doing research into the audiences and the censorship of film violence and then teaching about it...Evil or Very Mad .


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